BOM 2023


BOM 2023 measures 1 m x 1.15 m
Appliqué with needle turn and embroidery is used.
The fabrics are specially designed for this BOM.

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If you are ordering from the US, you will get a discount on shipping, this only applies if you are ordering the base package, if you select the embroidery yarn as well, this discount will not apply.

The purchase is binding, as the fabrics are specially ordered. The amount will be charged immediately, and the fabric package cannot be returned.

However, you still have the right to make a complaint if you should happen to find a defect in the fabric.


Specially designed fabrics:

The fabrics are specially designed for this particular monthly block.
This year we will appliqué houses and trees on 9 hills with bees and butterflies.
A whole new way to make a monthly block at Quilt My Design.
The trays are printed on the fabric and ready to cut out and apply.
The edges are also printed on the fabric, so you don’t have to sew the fabric together in the middle. In addition, corners are printed at 45°, so we still have the thread direction straight, but the pattern on the fabric is slanted, so bees and butterflies fly around in a circle around the carpet.

BOM 2023 measures:

1 m x 1.15 cm.

Appliqué and embroidery

Needle turn is used here, but other techniques can easily be used.
The templates are drawn with both a sewing line and a seam allowance, so you can both cut off the seam allowance and draw up the sewing line – the possibilities are many.
I use fairly simple embroidery stitches, so you can easily join in. I describe everything to be embroidered so that it is easy to sew.