About Quilt My Design

Quilt My Design offers the market’s finest patterns with a unique design, always with good illustrations, explanations and sewing tips from the beginning to the final result.

The shop sells complete sewing kits including fabrics and accessories, sent directly to your address.

At Quilt My Design we know how irritating it is to buy a pattern which for some reason does not fit or which is incomprehensible, and we know how annoying it is year by year to be left with more and more unusable remnants of fabrics which are only rarely used.

When you buy articles in our shop we guarantee tested models and the right amount of fabrics and accessories, and thereby you avoid mistakes or buying too much.

We will ensure that you do not buy more fabrics or accessories than you really need, and if you want to find the fabrics yourself you may restrict yourself to buying the pattern in our shop.

Custom-designed patterns of pictures, bags, purses, place mats, runners and much more.

Sewing kits:
We sell sewing kits for almost all purposes.

The fabrics used in the sewing kits are sold by the metre. See our selection in the homepage.

For instance zips, snaphooks, bag handles and buttons.

All things, which are used for the models, can be bought separately.