General terms of sale and delivery

for Quilt My Design
for purchase of products in the web shop Quilt My Design

§ 1.General terms of sale and delivery for Quilt My Design
The below general terms of sale and delivery apply to any purchase of products in the web shop Quilt My Design. Variation from below terms of sale and delivery is only valid with the written acceptance of Quilt My Design.

§ 2. Purchase of products in the web shop Quilt My Design.
Agreement on purchase of products in the web shop Quilt My Design is concluded in Danish, German or English. After ordering a product in the web shop, the customer receives an e-mail receipt/order confirmation, which is sent to the e-mail address stated by the customer. The e-mail receipt/order confirmation contains among other things an order no., name and address of the payer, delivery address and an overview of the ordered products. The customer is requested to make a paper of the forwarded e-mail receipt/order confirmation. Agreement on purchase in the web shop is not considered finally entered until Quilt My Design has registered the customer’s payment .

§ 3. Electronic communication
When buying products on-line through the web shop Quilt My Design, the customer accepts that communication and messages can take place electronically to the e-mail address stated by the customer. The customer accepts that electronic messages have the same legal effect as messages which are not sent as electronic mail.

§ 4. Prices/forwarding charges
All prices in the web shop are stated in Danish kroner (DKK) and Euro inclusive of  25% VAT. For purchases in the web shop a fee of 40 DKK is charged for each order in Denmark and 80 DKK for other countries. The prices on the time of the order apply. Special duties, if any, are paid by the purchaser.
§ 5. Payment
Direct payment is possible with Dankort, Visa and eDankort – safe and easy without any risk of abuse as all customer data are encrypted, and therefore only available to the customer and pbs.
Payment to bank account:
DK: 1682-322-38-29499
Abroad: S.W.I.F.T: Fionia Bank A/S, Vestre Stationsvej 7, DK-5100 Odense C, Swift: FIONDK22, Account with: Bic code MISPDK21, Iban no. DK27, 16823223829499
Check: Check for the exact amount sent to: Quilt My Design by/Linette Jakobsen, Absalonsvej 1, 7100 Vejle
For bank transfer and check: REMEMBER to write order no., name and address!

§ 6. Delivery and transport
Quilt My Design will endeavour to send the article 5 working days, at the latest, after registration of the customer’s payment. The article will be sent as a letter, if possible.  At the time when the ordered articles are handed over to Post Danmark, the risk that the ordered articles are destroyed or damaged due to unforeseen circumstances,  including a third party, passes to Post Danmark. At the time when the ordered articles are received by the purchaser, the risk that the ordered articles are destroyed or damaged due to unforeseen circumstances is passed to the purchaser.

§ 7. Delivery time
The delivery time stated is approximate and subject to delays. Should Quilt My Design learn that the delivery time stated cannot be observed, the purchaser is informed of this including information of the expected delivery time.
§ 8. Force Majeure
The following circumstances at Quilt My Design results in freedom of responsibility, if they prevent the fulfilment of the agreement or make the fulfilment unreasonably burdensome. Any circumstance, which is beyond the control of Quilt My Design, such as labour dispute, strikes,  lock-out, war, mobilization, impoundment, exchange controls, transport obstacles, transport delays, restrictions of motive power, fire, terror, missing or insufficient supplies from subsuppliers etc.
§ 9. Return
All articles may be returned within 14 days. The articles must be returned in same condition as received. That is, the fabrics must not have been washed or cut, the patterns must be intact and nothing must have been removed from the sewing kit.
Return postage is paid by the customer.
§ 10. Defects – 2-year right of complaint
Quilt My Design offers a 2-year right of complaint, which takes effect from the date of receipt of all products purchased in the web shop Quilt My Design, and which suffer from defects, provided that purchase can prove that the product suffer from a defect. The purchaser is requested to examine the sold product carefully, as soon as it is received by the purchaser.  If the purchaser wishes to claim a defect, at once after that the defect has been or should have been discovered, the purchaser must inform Quilt My Design of this in writing and state in which the defect consists. If the purchaser has discovered or should have discovered a defect of the sold product, and the purchaser does not complain as stated, the purchaser cannot later make claims on account of the defect.
If Quilt My Design is responsible for a defect in the sold product, Quilt My Design is entitled to remedy the defect.
§ 11. Confidential information
The web shop Quilt My Design is an independent on-line shop, which passes no information on to unauthorized parties. Quilt My Design stores data from its suppliers in a safe way. Information given in connection with purchase in the web shop Quilt My Design is stored by Quilt My Design to ensure correct and optimum treatment of the customers both before and after the delivery of the products.
§ 12. Reservations
Quilt My Design assumes no responsibility  for misprint, errors in price, colour deviations from picture etc. in the web shop. Likewise, Quilt My Design assumes no responsibility for changes of VAT and duties, changes in price and sold out products. Offers are open as long as in stock.
§ 13. Business address of Quilt My Designs
Quilt My Design by/Linette Jakobsen
Absalonsvej 1
7100 Vejle
Tel: +45 6179 1112
CVR no. 30681096

§ 14. Transport of rights and commitments
Information given to Quilt My Design will be used internally only. It will not be sold or passed on to a third party.
October 2007,
Quilt My Design
Absalonsvej 1
7100 Vejle
Tel.: +45 6179 1112

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